Meet the Momma’s

Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy joined the Hogs & Kisses Mini Pet Pigs herd in December of 2018. Miss Piggy is registered with the American Mini Pig Association (AMPA) as of February 12, 2019.

Miss Piggy is a kind and very gentle “little lady”. She is shy at first, but wants the attention and pets. She is an awesome pig to sit and hang out with. She has a lot of try and aims to please.

She wears her classic Tuxedo pattern with style and has one blue eye. We are curious to see if the blue eyed gene is passed down to her future piglets.


Ginger was born July 2, 2016, and will be registered with AMPA shortly as we are currently working on the paper work. Gingers best feature is her genuinely sweet and friendly disposition that is full of “Pigonality”. . She thrives on “lov’ins” from everyone. She especially loves to flop for belly rubs and NO one can resist her special belly. <3

Ginger has a lovely conformation, correct long snout, her legs are nicely proportionate to her length. She carries the Agouti gene, meaning she was born with the Chipmunk colouring! Currently she is an auburn grey, dark skin, with a lovely white belly, white legs and a tiny bit of white between her eyes and a lovely white spot on her snout!

This lovely girl will produce lovely correct babies!


Our lovely Penelope is developing into a lovely piggy! She is kind, enjoys snacks and skritchels between the eyes! She is a often found wandering the property alone on an adventure. She is quite independent and brave!

She sports a beautiful stream line body, a lovely long snout and who can miss seeing those spots! No you don’t need your eyes checked!

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