Welcome to Hogs & Kisses (Formerly Our Little Piggy)

We specialize in Miniature Pigs with Maximum Love and all of the care and guidance that goes along with bringing a new little friend into your life. We are excited to help you find your forever pet pig so that you too can experience all of the love that these beautiful creatures have to offer.

Hogs and Kisses resides at the Heal With Horses Therapeutic Centre, a Canadian Charity that provides Animal Therapy to people of all ages. Suzie started her relationship with miniature pigs in 2013 when adding more therapy animals to the farm. We started referring to them as “Thera-pigs” because of how sweet and loving they are. Now we have many miniature pigs living at the farm, ranging in age from youngsters to seniors. Between the piggies that live here and the litters we have bred, we have a lot of experience!

Ruth became involved with piggies after Suzie donated a mini pig for her to train as a therapy animal. When Ruth came to choose her piglet, now known as Miss Molly, this little piglet looked up at Ruth and put her little hooves on Ruth’s legs as if to say “I’m choosing you Ruth, please take me home!” Little did Ruth know that this piggy would quickly come to steal a large part of her heart. Ruth and Miss Molly are pretty much inseparable and have an incredible bond filled with trust and unconditional love.

We proudly offer Hogs & Kisses Specially Formulated Mini Pig Food available in Canada. Our food is all natural and non-gmo and is a complete and balanced diet specific to mini pig nutritional needs. Custom made for both good health, longevity and disposition.

So here’s to an exciting year of fun, adventure and lots of “Hogs and Kisses”.


Hogs & Kisses Mini Pet Pigs is proud to be an AMPA (American Mini Pig Association) Registerd Breeder!
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